Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21st

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    Room: Main meditation hall

    All are warmly invited to join together at the Centre for our annual Winter Celebration on Saturday 21st December. 

    The Winter Solstice is naturally a time to go inwards, to reflect and to rest. At the same time our modern society encourages celebration, excessive consumption and materialism. Is there a middle way? Let’s explore this together as we meet just before sunset, practice silent meditation by candlelight, engage in a letting go ritual, and then share the fruits of our contemplation in conversation, supper and creative offerings.

    You are welcome to join for all or part of the event. If you’d like to offer a song or poem, just bring it with you. 

    There will be activities provided for children, please let us know if you are bringing children and of what ages so we can organise this.

    [email protected]


    3pm: Arrival, tea & cake

    4pm: candlelit meditation followed by solstice ritual with leaves

    6:30pm: drinks, shared supper and creative offerings

    Please bring a dish or a cake to share, drinks will be provided for donations

    The event is free to attend as it is one of our community celebrations throughout the year. You are welcome to make a donation if you wish.