Awakening Joy and Equanimity

with Peter Conradi

January 25th—January 26th (2020)

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  • £70.00 Full Price
Room: Main meditation hall

This weekend we will explore how we can open up fully to our own experience and to our interconnection with others. We will  work with the practice of the 'Four Limitless Ones' and in particular with the last two: joy and equanimity. These simple and powerful techniques have been used for centuries in Buddhist traditions but are now widely practiced in mainstream settings like workplaces and schools -  and even shown by researchers to have multiple health benefits!

We will start by recapitulating the teachings given earlier on  by Shastri Tessa Watt on the first two limitless ones - Love and Compassion. So it is not necessary to have attended the first weekend  in order to join this second one.

As we deepen these practices over the weekend, it is like massaging our heart, making it softer, more pliable. We will explore how we can tap into our own source of happiness and find compassion for our pain - and that of others. We will stay curious about what helps us to open up and what closes us. What do love, compassion, joy and equanimity  feel like in the body? Do we have limits - can we wish well for ourselves, for strangers, for difficult people? Can we touch into what Buddhists call 'awake heart' - a tenderness and aliveness that radiates naturally if we let it?

This weekend is suitable for newcomers to these practices, and also for people who are familiar with them and would like to deepen their experience. There is no need to have a particular interest in Buddhism: if you are a practitioner of secular mindfulness, this 'heartfulness' is a natural next step in your journey. It would be helpful to have some experience of basic sitting meditation or mindfulness practice.


This weekend is part of 'The Way of Compassion' series of weekends. You are welcome to attend this, or any of the other weekends, as a one-off programme, or to deepen your experience by following the whole series.


About the teacher
Peter Conradi is Emeritus Professor of English at Kingston University and a freelance writer, whose books include Iris Murdoch: A Life and Going Buddhist. His most recent books are Family Business: A Memoir and A Dictionary of Interesting and Important Dogs.


Cost of the course is £70.  A concession cost of £50 is available for those earning below £17,000.  Please contact [email protected] to apply for a concession.

It is traditional on Buddhist programmes to have the opportunity to offer the teacher what we call a heart gift. This is an entirely voluntary possibility to offer a financial gift to the teacher, in appreciation of their willingness to devote their time and energy in sharing these teachings.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Please register and pay in full on registration, to pay by card - please click through to PayPal where there is an option to pay by card without having a PayPal account. Cancellation up to 1 week before the programme will receive a full refund, after that there will be a £20 fee charged for cancellation up until the 24th January 2020 after which no refund is granted.