External Program

Five Keys to Mindful Communication

with Acharya Susan Chapman

September 14th—September 15th

Whether we’re looking back through the centuries of human history or we’re revisiting the stories of our own life, we learn that people survive the worst of times by supporting each other with kindness, generosity, patience and courageous action. Continue »

Lamledra Retreat: Working With The Heart Sutra

with Acharya Barbara Märtens & Jude Hudson

October 20th—October 26th

We will work with the Heart Sutra to explore and cut through our belief systems, reference points and rigid ideas - not just in terms of thinking or concepts, but also in terms of our perception, how we see the world, how we hear, smell, taste, touch... Continue »

Getting Smart With Our Smartphones: Living Mindfully in the Age of Social Media

with Vinita Joseph

November 2nd

Our relationship with our devices is both intimate and significant. Many of us spend more time with our screens than we do with our loved ones; it’s the first thing we engage with in the morning, and the last thing at night... Continue »