Buddhist Studies

ZOOM - Cutting through Spiritual Materialism (Book Club)

with David Philbedge

January 15th—June 18th

Join us for an exploration of Trungpa Rinpoche's classic, Cutting through Spiritual Materialism! This Zoom-based group is open to everyone and will be mostly participant-led. Continue »

Developing Maitri and Turning against Self-Criticism

with Jim O'Neill

April 27th—April 28th

Save the date for a weekend with Jim O'Neill, focussing on the development of Maitri, or Loving-Kindness! Continue »

Save the Date: Lojong / Mind-Training Weekend

with Shastri Jane Hope

May 25th—May 26th

Save the date - a weekend of Lojong/Mind-Training teachings, with senior teacher Jane Hope! Continue »

Bleddfa Retreat : Maitri Space Awareness

with Acharya Barbara Märtens & Peter Conradi

July 19th—July 28th

This year we will offer teachings on both Shamatha, or Calm Abiding, and on the practice - discovered by Trungpa Rinpoche - of Maitri Space Awareness. These two practices can complement and deepen each other. Continue »