Shambhala London New Team Structure

As of September 2019, we are implementing a new interim governance structure at London Shambhala Meditation Centre. All LSMC members, as well as attendees, are welcome to join, actively participate in and contribute to, the teams that will form the basis of the Centre’s new open, horizontal, transparent and democratic organisational structure.

Below is a description of the teams, along with a contact e-mail for each. If you are interested in attending an initial meeting and / or joining one (or more) of these teams, please e-mail the appropriate address to say so. Dates for meetings of each team will also be posted below once confirmed.



Centre Team 
This team will focus on the physical premises of the Centre (including Kitchen, Shrine rooms and Post Meditation Hall) and the creation of a healthy, safe, well-maintained and uplifted environment. Its work will include the existing role of Art/Flowers and will involve collaboration with other teams on ideas and strategies for developing the Centre.

Communication and Marketing Team 
This team will focus on communications (internal and external), and the promotion of the Centre and its activities. Ideas to achieve this include the production of a regular members’ newsletter, maintenance and development of the LSMC website, Google Ads, posters, partnership building and the development of LSMC’s press and social media profile.

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team
This team recognises that social inequalities are a reality and that these are reflected in our Centre and the organisation as a whole. It will seek proactively to create a space in which all are welcome. This will include ensuring a diversity of genders, ethnicities, social classes, ages, abilities and cultures are reflected in LSMC teachers and members, as well as in the support LSMC provides and the courses it offers. This work will include fostering a welcoming environment, organising inclusive community events and community outreach.

Finance Team
This team will oversee and co-ordinate the financial activities of the centre. Its activities will include financial planning and strategy; income generation; fundraising; accounts and budgeting.

Health, Wellbeing, Safety and Protection Team 
This team will focus on developing and maintaining a safe, kind and compassionate environment. Its activities will include all aspects of wellbeing including food, safeguarding and protection, care and conduct.

Practice and Education Team
This team will organise and co-ordinate LSMC teaching and practice programmes. Existing well functioning roles will continue (Director: Paul Gerstmayer; P&E Assistant: Ariela Cravitz (paid employment); MI Co-Ordinator: Peter Burke; Shastris: Merlin Cox, Tessa Watt; Shrine Keeping: Kate Grierson; Open House Talks Curator: Jane Hope; Open Evening Staff Co-ordinator: Johan Thygesen).


Meeting dates:

Centre Team:

Communication and Marketing Team: Tuesday 10th September, 7pm at the centre (upstairs shrine room)

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team:

Finance Team:

Health, Wellbeing, Safety and Protection Team:

Practice and Education Team: