Team Minutes – CDI – March 2020

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

6th March 2020


Present: Frances Holliss, Hannah Gibson, Rachael Cheang, Yukiko Putnam

Apologies: Richard Knott, Renata Albuquerque, Annalie Wilson, Kate Grierson, Linda Johansson

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Rachael Cheang



  • Review of Shambhala day



We all felt that the day went well, with a good feel and inclusive for those who wanted to bring children. The listening circle was facilitated well by David Hope. It was however left to the CDI team to also organise the AGM, which we feel should be the responsibility of the trustees to organise not our team. Frances to write to trustees to inform them that this is not in our remit. 



  • CDI position and thoughts on current situation ahead of 4th April



Frances to write a statement about the reasons why distancing ourselves from the wider organisation would be beneficial.



  • Website



There was a discussion about a proposal of a website team to join the structure. 

The CDI team felt that a website team was a good idea. Frances to propose it to the council.



  • Engagement with the climate crisis, possible collaboration with XR 



Move to next meeting



  • CDI meeting principles 



The following meeting principles were agreed by CDI team members:


In our meetings…


  1. We seek to create a space which is enjoyable and accessible to all who wish to be involved.


  1. We aim to leave space for all to contribute, being mindful of different communicative styles and lived experiences of taking up and holding space. This may include gently and proactively eliciting opinions, particularly for those attending remotely, and those whose voices are often marginalised.


  1. We operate a zero guilt policy. Not able to make it? No questions asked. No reasons needed. You will always be welcome.


  1. We recognise that we live in a culture of over-work and busyness. Some of this work is unseen and unacknowledged, including often by ourselves. We seek to celebrate not-doing and encourage team members to not-do when this feels possible, helpful, urgent or necessary. 


  1. Experiences shared in this space may be personal and will be treated with respect, gentleness and in confidence. The minutes may reflect this.


  1. These principles are written to apply to all. However, we acknowledge that existing and historical power structures impact on all interactions and continue to marginalise the needs of many. This should be kept in mind throughout.



  • 4th April event to review new structure and discussion of possible disaffiliation from Shambhala International



In response to P&E’s suggestions, the CDI team felt that is was a good idea to have a format of ‘multiple small groups’ with a ‘harvesting’ of ideas at the end where each group could present the outcome of their discussion in the larger group, but no further discussion would take place at that point. 


CDI team also agreed that information about the potential consequences/advantages should be made available in advance of the meeting and that the day should not result in a decision being reached.


CDI team suggested that perhaps a form could be compiled ahead of the meeting with suggested questions to answer within the smaller groups (Hannah to put some suggested questions together for CDI team to review). This form could also be sent out to members ahead of the meeting for those attending the meeting to ponder and also for those who can not attend the meeting to have an opportunity to respond in writing. 


CDI team discussed the idea of a facilitator and decided that if the format was to be in small groups and a sharing at the end then perhaps a facilitator is not necessary. Instead perhaps inviting Tessa Watts to chair the meeting. (Rachael to write a proposed structure for the day and to ask Tessa if she would like to do that).



  • Next meeting



3rd April 6pm @ LSMC 

Richard Knott to chair

Hannah Gibson to note-take