Team Minutes – CDI – May 2020

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

1st May 2020


Present: Frances Holliss, Rachael Cheang, Yukiko Putnam, Kate Grierson

Apologies: Richard Knott, Hannah Gibson, Renata Albuquerque, Annalie Wilson, Linda Johansson

Chair: None (informal meeting)

Minutes: Rachael Cheang



  • Check in



This was a very informal meeting mainly just checking in with each other to see how we are coping in the current crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.



  • CDI position and thoughts on the cancelled community meeting that was due to take place on 4th April



After initial thoughts that this meeting should be postponed until after the lockdown has ended, the CDI team now feel that it can go ahead on Zoom. The structure could be amended so that the small discussion groups that were proposed could now be individual breakout rooms. The details and potential structure of this will be discussed further amongst the CDI team and a potential date for this will be arranged. Frances to bring this suggestion to the council meeting and for feedback to be requested from other teams.



  • Next meeting



4th June 6pm on Zoom