Trustee and Council Joint meeting – 11 Dec 2020



Present: David H. Jane H, Frances H, Jez T, Rachael C, Jane O’C, Adam H, Philip C


  1. FH to take Minutes. Next meeting Fri 8 Jan 2021
  2. Review of Minutes of last meeting
      1. ACTION FH to defer extracting central points from Com unity Meeting minutes until next year prior to Shambhala Day Community Meeting
      2. ACTION DH to contact Jo Francis to arrange meeting about dues
      3. ACTION JH  to chase up minutes from brainstorming session
      4. ACTION JO’C to discuss with Pascale next Community Meeting
  3. Team reports
    1. CDI – 
      1. ACTION CDI to organise next Community Meeting Sat Feb 13:  – new structure review am, afternoon to discuss new model – central core and satellite groups. Llew to be asked to mediate by Jez, if no good, David Morris
      2. ACTION Trustees to send email to everyone on mailing list to say new Care and Conduct policy will be adopted on Shambhala Day, as to circulate old Care and Conduct policy and ask if there are any outstanding grievances that people wish to bring to the Trustees for resolution. ACTION FH to draft the email. Send round trustees/ council
      3. ACTION JH to contact David Morris
      4. ACTION DH talk to Angie. 
      5. ACTION JT to set up email address for grievances to go to: [email protected] 
    2. Finance – nothing to report
    3. P&E –
      1.  Level 4 to happen in Feb
      2. Successful Level 1, other four levels in the pipeline
      3. Wisdom in Every Day Life well received
      4. David Morris has rejoined the P&E team
      5. Deferred conversation about use of Sakyong’s teachings at LSMC to next meeting
  4. Feedback with meeting with Shambhala Board 
      1. DH, AH, JH, RC met with 4 people from Board and Jo Francis and Helmut Kraken from SE
      2. Main business was Board trying to find out what LSMC position was; overly concerned with how we would support those loyal to the Sakyong, lacking balance with concern for those harmed by Sakyong
      3. Reassured SE LSMC still considered itself part of Shambhala 
      4. It was clear the Shambhala Board is conflicted between their vow to Sakyong and a commitment to listening to collective wisdom of the sangha
      5. Concerns about whether continuing to pay dues
      6. ACTION DH to contact JF to talk about dues etc
      7. JN informed lSMC an informal complaint has been made about LSMC 
  5. Feedback from meeting with Stockholm sangha asking the process LSMC has been through
  6. Centre lease with Oddfellows – haven’t met since last letter, no movement on that issue
  1. A member has requested to take the pictures of CTR and SMR to their home. It was agreed that this was premature in terms of community process regarding LSMC. A trustee will communicate this to the member in question.