Trustee and Council Joint Meeting – 5th March 2021




Present:  Rachael C, Adam Hart,  David Hope,.Jane Hope. (Minutes), David Morris, Jane O (Marketing) Jez T (Centre Manager)  


Action By When  By  Whom
1. Minute Taker and Time of Next Meeting
JH will take minutes.  Date of next meeting Friday 2nd April asap JH
2. Minutes and Matters Arising
Community meeting on objections to the LSMC statement – to be discuss next meeting

The Trustees thanked RC for her SWOT analysis – this will be on next agenda.

AH will send letter to Suzie Vincent about outstanding C & C  issues and how to approach them 





3. Team Reports
No reports were received from Finance and CDI.  Communications reported that they are having on-going discussions.  P & E requested that we should have another review of the horizontal structure.  This should be carried out by the Council and Trustees themselves rather than in a Community Meeting.  
4. Review of Centre Re-opening plan
Peter Burke is happy to open up the Centre again on 17th March.
5.Cailin’s Notes on Brainstorming Meeting  
Any points raised can be discussed by e-mail.

Agreed that those who wished could attend meeting on Monday 8th March to discuss how we would follow on from the initial brainstorming meeting

6. Web Page and YouTube Channel
JO reported that the first page on our website is our statement about the Sakyong – it was agreed that this would be moved and JO will write a more welcoming message.

It was agreed that the videos of the Sakyong would be removed from LSMC YouTube channel.

It was agreed that we would remove the Sakyong from the Senior Teachers page.  P & E would decide who would be on this page.  Teachers would be asked to update their entries and DM will ask Orhun if he wants to come off the list.

7. AOB
  • Diana Mukpo’s letter to be discussed at the next meeting.
  •  A meeting was arranged on Wed 10th March to discuss issues around ensuring LSMC’s continuing access to data etc and sending information to the Charity Commission,