Trustee and Council Joint Meeting Minutes – 24 July 2020

In attendance:  

Trustees: Tessa Watt, Jane Hope, David Hope, Philip Cohen, Angie Newton, Rachael Cheang

Chair: Adam Hart, 

Team Reps: Frances Holliss (CDI), Rachael Cheang (P&E), Jane O’Callaghan (marketing)

Centre Manager: Jez Taylor, 



  1. Agree Minute Taker 
  2. Minutes of Last meeting 
  3. Date of next meeting 
  4. Team reports 
  5. AOB



Minute taker – Jane O

Minutes of last meeting  –  Approved

Date of next meeting  – Friday 7 August 2020, 7.20pm arrival, 7.30pm start, 9pm finish


Team reports

In response to reports of bullying and gaslighting, CDI suggested holding an educational event for members to increase understanding of these issues.

P&E has already drawn up a code of conduct document. ACTION: Rachael to circulate to team reps for comments and signed off in time for the community meeting on 1 August.

The second stage is to implement this policy. ACTION: Angie to explore this, perhaps by applying Karuna Training principles and involving a third party.

This topic is obviously relevant to the community meeting. ACTION: a safety officer to be appointed to each discussion group to ensure guidelines are followed. These would ideally be trustees and team reps.

CDI suggested a move towards small group ownership of virtual events and suggested contacting members who are willing to help after the community meeting. ACTION: It was agreed that Jez should go forward with recruiting a P&E assistant to take over some of his workload.

On the question of whether pandemic practices should be advertised on the website, it was agreed that a decision should be taken after the community meeting.

The depleted Health and Wellbeing team needs volunteers. ACTION: Angie to examine how grievance processes could work without overburdening volunteers, by contacting Michaela and Nele for feedback and examining whether the 318 organisation can help.



Participants were urged to contact members individually to encourage them to participate in the community meeting.