Trustee and Council Joint Meeting Minutes – 26 June 2020  


In attendance:  

Trustees: Tessa Watt, Jane Hope, David Hope, Philip Cohen, Angie Newton, Rachael Cheang

Chair: Adam Hart 

Team Reps: Frances Holliss (CDI), Rachael Cheang (P&E), Jane O’Callaghan (Marketing)

Centre Manager: Jez Taylor, 



  1. Agree Minute Taker 
  2. Minutes of Last meeting 
  3. Date of next meeting 
  4. Discussion of Community meeting plans



  1. Minute taker



  1. Minutes of last meeting 



  1. Date of next meeting 

24 July 2020 

7.20pm arrival, 7.30 start 9.00 finish


  1. Bullying
    A team member reported having been bullied and gaslit at a team
    meeting. Frances responded to offer support to the person involved and
    to state that this was unacceptable. Bullying and gaslighting have no
    place in LSMC


  1. Discussion of Community meeting plans

ACTION – Jane O’Callaghan to compose first draft of a statement to the membership about the background behind the decision to hold a meeting. Jane Hope to assist / advise. 

ACTION – Jez to make a separate e-mail list for this group (Trustees and Council members present) to avoid drafts inadvertently being circulated too widely before being finalised.

ACTION –  All – Draft to be circulated to members of this group for comments with a two week deadline to the 10th July, then to the teams with a one week deadline, 17th July so it can be sent to members on the 17th.

ACTION –  Jez to find out how may current and previous (within 2 years) members have stated that they do not wish to receive e-mails from LSMC

ACTION –  Jez – “head’s up” letter to alert members and previous members about the meeting, to be sent out by mid July

ACTION –  Tessa and Frances to work on the format of the community meeting,
including to propose what presentations should be made at the first