What People Say About Us

Over 100,000 people in 94 countries have attended in-depth courses to learn about meditation with Shambhala. Here is a selection of feedback from recent courses in London:

“The centre is a friendly and welcoming place full of friendly and welcoming people. It is such a rich experience. More than anything a guide to skillful living, but so much more besides.”
Jim, Level 2 weekend

“I love the sense of community and supportive atmosphere. The main room is also a beautiful place to be. I felt very accepted and I like how open it is to people from all walks of life who want different things from it.”
Daisy, weekly beginners course

“I was worried it would be religious. It wasn’t at all. Everybody was normal and friendly, and they served beer and wine on the Sunday.”
Ian, Level 1 weekend

“The meditation course was a great experience. The speakers were really thought provoking, and the facilitators were warm and welcoming and didn’t make you feel at all intimidated. A really lovely atmosphere to the place.”
Florence, Level 1 weekend

“Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”
Natalie, Level 2 weekend

“I have always met kind, interesting people of all ages and backgrounds at the centre. I also enjoy the ‘feel’ of the centre – it’s a real pleasure to spend time there.”
Anna, Level 5 weekend

“I highly recommend the centre. So user friendly. Lovely, knowledgeable people / staff.”
Bibinaz, Level 1 weekend

“London Shambhala Centre has a lovely, welcoming feel, which helps one to feel part of a warm and caring community. The ethos and activities (courses, open evenings, talks, etc.) all serve to help me feel grounded and sane in an increasingly crazy world! When I first started attending the Centre, learning and practising meditation helped immensely to calm and feel more in control of my mind, when nothing else did.”
Ariela, later weekend

“I definitely recommend the centre to others and have done so many times. The environment is welcoming and non judgemental and quietly confident in its offering. So many people are looking for more in their lives, and the teachings offer a way to be grounded and balanced and confident and a structure for finding some peace with oneself.”
Susie, Level 5 weekend

“Shambhala teachings are the most accessible and sincere. Its practices open up endless possibilities. Thoroughly enjoyable.”
Ajay, Level 1 weekend

“The core of London Shambhala’s teaching – and the opportunities to meditate – are most valuable. It is a centre of tranquillity and wisdom.”
Robert, Level 5 weekend

“The centre is is lovely place to meditate together on regular basis. Good vibrations. I had much fun. So many nice and different people gathering together to meditate.”
Attendee, Level 2 weekend

“I would recommend meditation to anyone, and I have not found a better atmosphere, an environment more conducive to reflection, than the Shambhala Centre.”
Neil, Level 2 weekend

“I was concerned the classes might be a bit obscure or irrelevant, but I have found them practical and useful in everyday life.”
Attendee, Level 1 weekend

“London Shambhala Centre offers a warm greeting with no one trying to pressurize you into believing anything.”
Judy, later weekend

“I’ve found the teachings incredibly precious and life-changing”
Attendee, later weekend

“The London Shambhala centre it is a place where people can learn about basic goodness and meditation in the heart of London. I would definitely recommend it”
Attendee, later weekend