Yoga Nidra

Weekly yoga Nidra classes are held on Monday nights at the London Shambhala Center before meditation.  Yoga nidra classes explore the state of being ‘wakefully asleep’ as a basis for self inquiry and restoration. The teacher guides you into a conscious yet deep sleep through a set of verbal instructions, where you are able to access and learn from your inner awareness.

The class will start with some gentle yoga exercises and stretching followed by the yoga nidra class. You will be lying down for most of the class and no prior experience is necessary. Yoga nidra classes are for everybody- older and younger people are welcome!  Start time is 6:15pm, please where comfortable clothes. Price for classes: £6 per class (or £20 for 4 classes).

Jules is an experienced yoga teacher and regular meditator. For more info contact Jules on:

E:  T: 07791012837  W: