Yoga Nidra Live Online Classes, Mondays from  6:15pm to 7:15 pm

From Monday 23rd March Jules will be offering her usual yoga nidra class streamed online via zoom whilst the centre is closed.  


The classes will start with some gentle yoga and pranayamas (breathing exercises) helping to calm the nervous system and detoxify the body, followed by a yoga nidra session. No prior experience is necessary and you will be lying down during the nidra part of the class. Each week will explore a different theme, for example: working with emotions, self-compassion, inner strength or reducing anxiety. It is recommended you have a blanket and cushion to hand as well as a comfortable place to lie down for the yoga nidra part of the class. 


Yoga nidra explores the state of being ‘wakefully asleep’ as a basis of self inquiry and restoration, creating a deep sense of relaxation. The teacher guides you into a conscious yet deep sleep through a set of verbal instructions, where you are able to access and learn from your inner awareness. 


Location: online via zoom. For those of unfamiliar with Zoom, it’s much like Skype, you can download the Zoom app onto your computer, phone or tablet here:  Jules will share the link you will need to join the class shortly before the streaming begins.


Fee: Monday 23rd March- free/donation only. 

Following Mondays, a suggested donation of £6 per would be happily received though whatever you feel you can afford. Jules can send a link for payment and zoom.

About teacher: Jules is an experienced yoga teacher. She has completed teacher trainings with James Reeves a senior iRest yoga nidra teacher, Max Strom an international teacher who developed ‘Inner Axis’ a yoga technique specifically for calming the nervous system and Carolyn Cowan a renowned Kundalini teacher.

Please contact Jules for any enquires on or to book a space in the class on:

E: [email protected]


Yoga (Wednesdays)

The regular Wednesday yoga class is cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic and the government measures to ensure social distancing.