Meditate with Ziji London: Young Meditator Night

Ziji London is a diverse group of young people, meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at the London Shambhala Centre for meditation, discussion and socialising. We are looking at how we can take what we are learning from the meditative path out into the world to bring about societal transformation.

The Shambhala vision is that all beings possess basic goodness or worthiness, but that through the events of our lives and the confusion and bewilderment of living in a profoundly materialistic age we lose contact with this goodness. Meditation is a practice of refamiliarising ourselves with our basic nature which is fundamentally good.

At the same time meditation is in itself a form of activism, which can transform the ways we act and interact in the world. As we learn to trust our own humanity we develop compassion, and begin to bridge the gap between ourselves and others. To recognise a common humanity is, in today’s context, a stroke of political resistance.


What we offer:

  • Learn and practise meditation together with a meditation instructor
  • Share a space with other young people that is open, honest and free from judgement
  • Explore topics which have meaning to our lives — personal, social and political


Ziji nights are free to attend, with a suggested donation of £3-5 as a token of gratitude for the space and teachings. If this limits your ability to attend we prefer that you give what you can.


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The Ziji London group is part of a global network of young meditators known as The Ziji Collective.


Schedule for Tuesday nights:

6:30pm arrival and tea

7:00pm guided meditation and silent meditation

8:00pm discussion on a theme

9:00pm close and continue discussions in the pub!


For conversation topics please see the Facebook group!

Previous topics have included: Self-love, Change, Revolution, Generosity