Kado – The Way of Flowers

Kado is a contemplative art practice that studies nature – as it is.

Kado originated in China, over 2000 years ago. When it was introduced and assimilated into Japan, the Japanese word ‘Ikebana’ arose, meaning ‘living flowers’. Kado refers to the ‘way of flowers’,  the profound meaning of this ancient art form comes from having an intimate relationship with the natural world. Kado is a path based on the truth of nature, the way things are. In Kado, the skill needed to arrange flowers becomes a form of meditation and a guide to our lives.

Human beings are part of the natural world, we follow the same patterns as all life on this planet. Kado teaches us to see the wisdom of nature clearly. We simultaneously study the human condition and the laws of nature when working with natural materials from the earth; which enables us to develop respect for all things animate or inanimate.