Council and Trustee Meeting – 13/11/20

Attending: Jane O, Jez, Philip, David, Jane, Adam, Rachael, Frances

Apologies: Angie


  1. Minute taker and date of next meeting
  2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  3. Teams’ reports and matters arising 
  4. Dues-The now deferred meeting with Shambhala Europe 
  5. Proposed Meeting with Shambhala Board and Europe re recent LSMC statement wrt Sakyong statement
  6. Outline of our new Structure review plans
  7. AOB



1 – Rachael to take minutes. Date of next meeting 11th December 2020

2 – Review of Minutes – matters still arising:

  • ACTION – Frances still to extract any main points from the minutes of the community meeting from the 5th September.
  • ACTION – Adam to share a video in few days
  • Meeting with SE about dues delayed.

3 – team reports

  • CDI – discussion about grievance procedure & code of conduct

ACTION – Frances to send documents from Gaia house & Jez to send old policy so we can review them

CDI – propose a community meeting in which we review of horizontal structure and the responses received regarding the statement LSMC have put out. CDI also propose a meditation process perhaps asking John Seex to be involved.

  • P&E – Successful brainstorming meeting took place 

ACTION – JH to chase up minutes from the brainstorming session

P&E – Winter retreat has been arranged – Peter & Jim have agreed to lead it

Jane raised issues about the dynamics of the group and about how we could move forward within P&E to make the meetings more productive and to address bullying in the group. 

  • Pascale has joined the communication and marketing team
  • Finance – Acupuncture clinic should go ahead. Dues to SE was discussed – suggested 30%. Agreed to add an extra zoom account.

4 – Dues to SE discussed agreed on £200 a month (maximum £300)

5 – The Shambhala board have requested a meeting with 4 of the council/trustees. The tone from the board was one of curiosity as to what we are doing in London. Jane, Rachael, David & Adam nominated to be on the team to talk to the board.

6 – review of the structure noted above in CDI team report

7 – AOB

  • Philip Cohen will step done and an invitation for new trustee has gone out
  • Frances asked for suggestions for community days – Winter Solstice: Jane H suggest zoom with breakout rooms. Jane H also volunteered to umdze a candlelit meditation from the centre followed by a celebration incl. drinks/some toasts/offerings – poems etc. Jane O to do a draft poster for Sunday 20th Dec @ 5pm
  • Possible community day could have the theme of “what would you like your centre to do when it opens up again” 

ACTION: Jane O to discuss with Pascale how to advertise this