Minutes – Finance – Jan 2020

Minutes Of LSMC Finance Team meeting 6th Jan 2020

present Jez, Adam, Jane, Peter




1  Jane to draft letter for  to send to Shambhala Europe Finance notifying a  third reduction in payments from Dec 2019 and explaining LMSC  immediate budgetary reasons for this -concerning our reduced income/need to make savings


2 The invitation to the Sakyong to teach at DCL this year was agreed to be most unwelcome for many reasons and from a business point of view a likely to be counterproductive in the long run .This issue to be followed put at the council meeting on 9th Jan wrt the Culture team ’s recent resolution and other inputs from other s e.g PT and Ottawa Centre


3 Review of Finance Strategy:

Actions for Income Growth  need to be incremental for time being


Teacher’s honorariums to be revised by Jez and Jane in time for next meeting


Oxford centre to be given 6 month notice of withdrawal f financial support  , council to write and offer to meet, Jez to provide figures of our expenditure and income from this centre


4 Lease renewal -Trustees need to give notice to serve s25 notice -Jez to lead-manage the process as part of the finance team and include Paul V -who ill be contacted by Jez to arrange a meeting with the team


5 Project Application form- Adam to review the traffic light system for dealing with proposals and ensure that we all can operate this system


6 Income generation- e.g expanding the bookshop-day hires- etc – finance team to  post invite for addition to the team to work this up -? integrate with marketing and comms team?


7 Posting of all team minutes on google drive(s)- currently not working well-  systems review and training needed


8 Lama Robdin July


his costs (travel, food, hotel) 450-500)

Retreat charge £40 and £20 (concs) + heart gift

Talk income by donation-50-50 split


need to promote as wide as posit;e

Jen to check all this  with Rod


9 next meeting TBC – needs to be before the Feb Council meeting)