Minutes for CDI Team meeting  October 2020

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting 

23rd of October 2020

Present: Frances Holliss, Rachael Cheang, , Kate Grierson, Annalie Wilson, Richard Knott

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Richard Knott

  • Way forward for inclusion of Sakyong supporters

In the light of the recent vote in favour of the centre to withdraw allegiance to the Sakyong as main teacher and leader for the London centre until further notice, we discussed how the centre might proceed in an inclusive way in regard to those who feel loyal to the Sakyong, and wish to maintain their links with him. 

We recognised the need for clarity in terms of an operating structure for the centre moving forward on all levels.

There was clarity that from a CDI perspective that the centre does not now offer the Sakyong’s teachings but that we have a duty to protect those who may be feeling unwelcome as a result and to do everything possible to make those individuals feel welcomed at the centre. 

We referenced the idea put forward of maintaining satellite/affinity groups (eg Ziji, Gay Buddihist group, and so on) and that maybe those loyal to the Sakyong could operate in this way. 

We also recognised the need for healing within the community, and the subject of a mediation /conflict resolution event, possibly hosted by Jon Seex, was brought up again, ideally in Spring 1 or 2 weeks ahead of Shambhala Day.

  • Care and Conduct Policy

The need for the London centre to have an undated and clear Care and Conduct policy was identified, Frances volunteered to find a suitable template.

  • Review of the new organisational structure

The need for finding a date to review the LSMC horizontal structure was recognised, looking to set a date before Shambhala Day, and conduct a SWOT analysis to be presented by all the teams, followed by discussion.

Possible dates muted : Solstice event, team review in the morning, or Feb 21st