Shambhala UK Leadership Gathering

September 1st—September 3rd

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    Room: London meditation hall

    As leaders of Shambhala you are warmly invited to meet with the Kalapa Council leader of the the Governance Pillar Jane Arthur, to engage in meaningful conversation and an exploration of what it means to lead Shambhala. A key question will be: How can we clearly understand who we are as Shambhala centres and groups, and how can we communicate that to others?

    There are times when we feel embarassed by the scale of our own vision. There are times when we wonder where we fit within the vast network of mindfulness and Buddhist groups, trainers and associations. 

    At the recent Kalapa Garchen, led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and his Kalapa Council these questions were answered. A proclamation was given - that our pupose and intention is to create an enlightened society, and that we are invited to adopt this as our primary reason for being, and our primary message to others.

    There is no fee for this programme but you will have the opportunity offer a heart gift to Minister Arthur for her teaching and support.

    We will begin with a reception/social gathering on the Friday night and continue through Saturday and Sunday, aiming to finish by around 2 pm.