Calm Abiding: A day of Practice

October 14th (2017)

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  • £20 Full Price
Room: London meditation hall

This programme requires that participants have completed the Shambhala Training Level I.


This special day, known as a Nyinthun, gives us the opportunity to deepen our relationship with the simple yet profound practice of shamatha meditation.

In these times of speed, deadlines and subtle aggression, we benefit greatly from allowing our minds to rest and settle during extended practice sessions.

To aid us in allowing our minds to settle, the day will be conducted with functional talking only, meaning we will refrain from talking except where practical issues need to be clarified.

The day will be self-staffed so you will be invited to take part in the work aspect of the day.

The cost is £20.  A concession price of £15 is available with prior agreement, contact [email protected]

ATTENDANCE BY PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.  Please register by the 9 October.  


Additional Information

Timings: 10am - 6pm, arrival 9.45am 
Lunch will be provided. 
The day will be conducted in functional silence.