Great Clouds of Blessings: A Magnetising Community Recitation

with Paul Gerstmayr

December 9th

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    Room: London meditation hall

    Open to all members of our community: Join the recitation of the magnetising Chant "Great Clouds of Blessings" on the occasion of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's Kurukulla Puja.

    On Saturday, 9th December, the Kongma Sakyong will be performing a Kurukulla Puja, or intensive practice, for the benefit of our community in particular and the world in general.

    Kurukulla is a yidam or meditational deity that belongs to the lotus Buddha family, associated with red colour and magnetising activity. Other figures who are also members of the same "family" are Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara - the Buddha of Compassion -, and Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava.

    It is customary on such occasions to join the Sakyong by requesting all practitioners of Kurukulla to intensify their practice and/or to gather for a group practice with celebratory Feast. This year however we would like to open up this event by focussing on an appropriate chant and community-wide recitation.

    This chant in particular invokes the whole lotus or padma family, including Kurukulla, and was composed by Mipham the Great.


    Details: Upon registration (no fee), you will be sent a confirmation email with link to the Chant and a login link for a Zoom (online video conference) meeting room. The recitation will NOT take place at the physical London Shambhala Centre. You can join from the comforts of your personal home situation. After a short introduction to the text, we shall recite the Chant several times.