Primordial Rigden Ngöndro Day

with Acharya Orhun Cercel

February 10th

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  • £20 Full Price
Room: London meditation hall

This is an opportunity for the new Tantrikas to gather for Ngöndro practice. One of the reasons for such Vajrayana days is the group practice requirement for our new Tantrikas; another, to nurture our Vajra Sangha and its various practice groups.



Cost: £20 per day - please note concessions up to 50% are possible. Please discuss by contacting:

dpe [at] shambhala [dot] org [dot] uk

Note: Acharya Orhun Cercel will be giving a talk on the practice of Ngöndro. Heart gifts will be appreciated. Furthermore, the Acharya has agreed to offer interviews for those preparing their applications for Rigden Abhisheka. Here, too, it is customary to give a heart gift.