Team Minutes – CDI – June 2020

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

27th June 2020


Present: Frances Holliss, Rachael Cheang, , Kate Grierson, Hannah Gibson

Apologies: Richard Knott, Yukiko Putnam, Renata Albuquerque, Annalie Wilson, Linda Johansson

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Kate Grieson



  • The advertising of Pandemic Practices on website



Advertising of Pandemic Practice, Sundays, on LSMC website – decided ok to advertise.  Will explore the possibility of making the practices available for all to read on the website, to increase their accessibility.



  • Bullying/gaslighting at P&E meeting of 2 members



Bullying/gaslighting of 2 (one in particular felt singled out) female members of P&E by 2 male members. Decided best course of action would be to insist that the bullying in the meeting was added to the P&E minutes so there is a record of incident.  Will look into holding education program addressing issues of abuse and how it operates, to increase understanding, for benefit of all sangha members.




  • Community Meeting Structure and date



First community meeting to decide future direction of LSMC to be held on 1st August.  Sexual abuse by Sakyong has been accepted by council and trustees as the factual basis for the community meeting.  Discussed structure of meeting – Ideas include starting meeting with 5 anonymous presentations of 5 mins by 5 people with differing views on the possible future direction LSMC could take.  Then break into small groups (all virtual!) to discuss further – a safety officer would be present in each group to ensure the space is kept/feels safe to all participants.



  • Lama Rod Owens talk 12/13th July



Hannah and Frances to co-host.



  • Next meeting



25th July 6pm on Zoom