Trustee and Council Joint Meeting – 7 Aug 2020


In attendance:  

Trustees: Tessa Watt, Jane Hope, David Hope, Philip Cohen, Rachael Cheang

Chair: Adam Hart 

Team Reps: Frances Holliss (CDI), Rachael Cheang (P&E)

Centre Manager: Jez Taylor, 

Apologies: Peter Burke (finance), Jane O’Callaghan (Marketing), Angie Newton



  1. Agree Minute Taker 
  2. Discussion of minutes from community meeting
  3. Next Steps in Community Process
  4. Team reports 
  5. AOB



  1. Minute taker

– Jane Hope


  1. Discussion of minutes from community meeting

– publish community meeting minutes with group 1 and group 3 additions but with an * to note they were not shared in the plenary. Also add the sentence “This is the opinion of those in this group, the council and trustees accept the allegations against SMR as detailed in the Wickwire Holm Report.”


  1. Next Steps in Community Process

– Frances to create a simple 2 question straw poll to be sent to members on Monday or Tuesday.  This poll to be included as part of email with minutes of meeting and to save date of 5th September.

– if there was a 75% agreement on the issue, that would give a clear indication to the Trustees of the inclination of the membership.


  1. Team reports 

– P&E to make clear system by which council decisions can be challenged through feedback to the team not to the council and for the team to take responsibility for making a decision as to whether to challenge a decision.  

– If someone was using bullying behaviour, we should have a system in place for health and Wellbeing, with Angie Newton to be consulted.  

– If members outside of a team want to challenge something they can write to the Council or Trustees personally.

– Finance team to meet and discuss Oddfellows situation in the next week, Adam to call a meeting.


  1. AOB

– Next meeting Thursday 27th August to discuss and finalise format of the meeting on the 5th September.